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Asbestos Removal Service in Oviedo, FL

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a natural mineral that was used in a whole host of products (over 3,000). Everything from certain paper products to the most common construction building materials.

Asbestos was used in residential, commercial, industrial & government buildings and facilities all over the United States. The largest use was in structures built from the 1920's to the early 1980's. In 1978, the EPA banned its use on surfacing materials (popcorn ceiling texture & fireproofing) and thermal system insulation (piping insulation). Following that there was a temporary ban on other building materials. However, the ban was overturned in 1989. Today, you can still buy products that contain asbestos, often due to unaware consumers.

Roofing shingles are the most common building material still found to contain asbestos. Most commonly found in homes pre-1978 is the Popcorn Ceiling Texture, Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tile and Mastic or Asbestos Linoleum Flooring. Unfortunately prolonged asbestos exposure can lead to lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

The longer a hazard goes not responded to it can have very negative effects on human, animal and plant life. If you need asbestos abatement services in Oviedo, FL, come to Advanced Indoor Remediators.

Creating Safer Homes and Buildings

At Advanced Indoor Remediators, our asbestos abatement services are designed to make your home or office a safer place to function and breathe. We understand that your health is on the line, so we take a thorough, meticulous approach to all that we do. So if you suspect an asbestos problem, don't wait. Call us right away for more information or to schedule an appointment at your home or place of business.


Prepping for Popcorn Ceiling Removal (Asbestos)

Prepped area before removal of popcorn ceiling, asbestos containing.